Welcome to the American Academy of CRNAs! We are a multifaceted company that supports CRNA education and employment help. We are a database company to link hospitals and CRNAs together based on availability and willingness to work. We will provide access for both hospitals and CRNAs to search for each other. CRNAs will negotiate their contracts directly with the hospitals they plan on serving.

It has been frustrating to watch locum anesthesia groups low ball CRNAs and jack up the price for anesthesia coverage for hospitals simply because there were no other alternatives. Many of our CRNA colleagues have had the same feelings about this situation as we had. CRNAs were losing the ability to control their own careers due to decreased negotiating power. Joe and I were brainstorming solutions to this problem and developed the concept of the American Academy of CRNAs. We are not a locums company. We are a database to link hospitals and CRNAs together. There will be no more middleman. We want to encourage fair negotiations between CRNAs and hospitals so each side wins. This has been a long road to develop a functional site for our CRNA colleagues but it has been well worth it. Take control of your career and know your worth!

We also provide an online community for practice discussion. Our community is more secure due to the controlled nature of the initial CRNA sign on. You must have an active and valid NBCRNA number or AANA number to be a part of the site. No hospitals have access to our online community.

We will provide continuing education (CEUs) opportunities for our CRNAs as well. We have a network of multiple experts for content support. All CEUs are prior approved and will be reported directly to the AANA for your convenience. Our goal is to work with many of the current CRNA owned businesses to prove top notch educational opportunities. We will also track your CEUs for you as a part of your CRNA profile! We will NEVER support AA educational activities. SRNAs are welcome and encouraged to network and learn with us!


Dr. Adam C. Schneider
Dr. Joseph Grazaitis


Dr. Kevin Stein
Chris Kramer
Dan Evans